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When I was in my teens I have 4 younger sisters

When I was in my teens I have 4 younger sisters, I liked to have my friends come over we the girls liked to dance.

And soon we had talked them into striping and showing off they really got into it. It was quite fun getting them naked and making them play we got them to spread their legs and open their pussy’s we would make them go into the back yard and masturbate for us.

Soon we started having the girls suck us off, this moved to fucking we would push our dicks into their hot pussies and we got them to do ass sex nothing was sweeter than pushing your dick in there asses.

I had 6 friends that came over all summer and fucked the girls no one got prego don’t know how we took them on road trips and showed them off they spent pretty much all summer nude I got lots of sex from my nude girls so did my 6 friends my house was the place to play and fuck mom and dad were gone all the time mom was a slut herself.

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