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The Government Is Killing Us With COVID Vaccine

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be forced into having a COVID19 Vaccination just so I can have my freedom back.

I don’t want to “check in” every time I leave my house.

I don’t want to “prove” I am vaccinated just to eat out.

I don’t want to have 3 tests to be able to travel.

I don’t want to be restricted from traveling to another state.

To me, the mandatory coronavirus vaccination is a scam for big pharmaceuticals to make a profit.

Imagine selling 14 billion does at $20 a pop. That’s a lot of money!

So is the government really doing this to benefit our lives? Or to take away our freedom?

Plus, why do the unvaccinated still have so many restrictions, when it’s a known fact that vaccinated people after 6 months only have a 48% protection rate? They are known to still spread coronavirus.

Why is the government changing the strategy for Covid 0 to let’s just let it spread in the community.

This so called “Freedom” day is no a freedom day. It’s we’re gonna let coronavirus spread rapidly throughout the community.

Studies have shown people with covid can suffer from Long Covid. So I dont know why vaccinated people are still want to contribute to the spread of coronavirus and get coronavirus. For me, this will be the period of time I WANT TO BE IN LOCKDOWN.

And reading on the internet, and in my friendship groups, I know more people effected by the vaccine than and having adverse reactions, than people with covid having adverse reactions. Fuck the vaccine!


  1. Yeah, I think history is repeating itself with what the Nazi did with the Jews.

    “You need to take a shower to protect you from lice” is what they were told, but they were actually murdered, gassed and then cremated.

    Our Government:
    “You need to take this vaccine to protect you from from a virus” (which we man-made and purposely released so they can make heaps of money first). Which means, in 2-3 years time, we can kill you all off “sorry, we thought it was safe” We didnt know it would cause deaths in a few years time….. it was impossible to tell….

  2. I don’t feel my freedoms are infringed upon – eg we have seatbelt drug and liquor laws that we just accept and really aren’t limiting our core freedoms. The things that are required are better than letting people free-for-all and letting the virus spread and mutate. The only why to get back to the way it was before is to stop the virus. We have reasonable vaccination rates here mostly. We need to help the rest of the world get vaccinated.

  3. Yeah, I agree and soon our snake overlord will come to save us for the tyranny of stupid American morons.
    I can’t wait until China take over the world. Once they do we won’t have to watch people without brain been allowed to vote for extremist who actively make laws again their own voters.

  4. Whaaa whaaa whaaa …what a bunch of ignorant babies. If you don’t want to live with others then go off and be a hermit in the wilderness. Humans developed things like law and public health to protect all members of society. There are trade-offs that we all make to remain as members of society and that includes things like not killing or injuring others, respecting that others have equals rights to those of our own and …even to take medicine to prevent the spread of deadly and debilitating diseases throughout our communities. Of course if you don’t understand how vaccines work and wish to remain stubbornly ignorant then that is your choice (even though it’s a pretty selfish one). A choice like that means that, for the greater good of all, you really shouldn’t be allowed to remain in the community and you are free to go live alone …or someplace where you can live in ignorance along with rampant diseases like polio, measles, tuberculosis …and COVID …if you survive all those.

    ‘Merica ‘Merica ‘Merica! Land of the Morons…

  5. y’all are weird. im aussie and the government is just trying to protect us. the vaccine is completely safe.

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