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As a little girl, I completely dominated my brothers

I am a twenty four year old woman and I have had my brothers worshiping my brown kitty and butt for over eighteen years. I was 6 and the youngest. My brothers were 6, 8, 9, and ten years of age. I was in bed when my ten year old brother entered my room.

I pretended to be asleep while he lifted the covers. He kissed my kitty and it felt so good. A wonderful warmth came over me. I continued to pretend I was sleeping as I parted my legs and allowed him greater access to lick me.

Somehow I knew this was taboo, but that made it all the sweeter. My brother was willing to break the rules to lick me. This really excited me. He continued to lick, and I swear I had an orgasm in his mouth. I could tell that he tasted me and that he love it. I actually thought that I must have urinated in his mouth. Whichever it was, it felt wonderful.

He started to get up and leave and I deliberately rolled over onto him. Of course, I was still pretending to be asleep. My butt was on his face and I could tell he was afraid to move.

I pushed as if I was using the restroom to open my cheeks for his tongue. I sat up slightly and held myself in that position with my arms extended behind me. I would wiggle and allow his face to enter my butt.

He was still scared and did nothing until I told him, “Lick!”. Of course, he did as I told him. This continued night after night. I really looked forward to my brother’s tongue. Soon I had all my brother’s licking and sucking my kitty and butt-hole.

I’m writing this because, as a girl/woman, I am sick and tired of all the whimpering from women talking about how little boys abused them or took advantage.

As a little girl, I completely dominated my brothers. I still have my brothers orally servicing me. They do what I tell them and they know it’s their job to orally please their little sister.

I never sucked them or even kissed them. They were used by me! Their mission in life is to kiss, lick, and suck my pussy, ass crack, and asshole.

Many times, as a girl I would sit on the face of one of my brothers and bear-down. I could feel his next meal working it’s way down the poop-shoot. I had my brothers so horny and whipped, that they would open their mouths wide and take all I had to give. My brothers do not whine or whimper about being abused. They line-up for their little sister and beg me to use and abuse them. Women need to take charge, even as little girls.


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