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So Im pregnant for the 1st time and  26 …

So I’m pregnant for the 1st time and  26 year old girl who had married at the age of 21 and has had many problems in my marriage. I know it was wrong and I started hanging out with an ex who has wanted me back but we stayed friends. So my marriage got to the point where we were fighting all the time and we separated and I started spending more time with my ex and having a relationship with him. I knew my ex was a recovering drug addict but thought he was done until his father died and he started back up. At this point I wasn’t living with my husband but saw him a few hours a week as friends. 2 months after I found out my ex was doing drugs again I got pregnant and I’m not sure who’s baby I am having. I had sex with my husband once and had sex with my ex many times when I got pregnant. I got scared and ran back home. I am still deeply in love with my ex who has been clean for 2 months and he knows I’m pregnant and knows this may or may not be his baby. For the past few months he said he wanted to be with me and if its his kid he wants me to move in and  leave my husband. Now my husband has no idea about my ex and thinks its his baby I feel horrible about this but I know if I tell him my whole family will hate me and he will kick me out of our house and want nothing to do with me. There is still a good chance it could be my husbands baby and don’t want to mess things up until I know for sure after the baby is born. Just yesterday my ex (who is staying at his sisters house 5 hours away to get clean) told me he wants to break up for good and wants nothing to do with me or the baby. He thinks I should stay with my husband because he can support me and the baby better then he (my ex) can and fears he will let us down and maybe fall back into drugs. When I found out I was pregnant my ex told me his family wanted me to have an abortion but he said he wanted this baby. His family thinks he cant care for us or take on the stress so they told him to let me go back to my husband and stay with him. He wont talk to me and I feel this is all his sister and family telling him to do this because they don’t want me around and they think ill make him go back to drugs. I am so hurt and don’t know what to do. I know I have made many mistakes and don’t want to make any more. I want  to do what’s right but I know in my heart I want to be with my ex and fix everything cause he makes me so happy but he wont really talk to me right know. Please help me don’t judge me cause I know I was wrong.

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  1. I see that you posted this quite some time ago and, obviously, your situation has changed since then, hopefully, for the better. I wish I had some advice to give you, or words of encouragement, but I suck at life. A lot. I just wanted to tell you that I’ve been through this almost exact. same situation , and it

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