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Hey i’m 19 years old and ive been sick …

Hey I’m 19 years old and I’ve been sick for two years going on three soon. I’ve had stomach problems and doctors can NOT find out what is wrong with me. I feel like a guinea pig, all they do is poke me with needles and fill me up with meds. They do tests all the time but they do nothing. I wake up every morning throwing up and pain in my stomach. Most of the time i am just sick to my stomach. I hardly eat, the longest i went without eating was four days. I’ve been losing weight like crazy out of no where. My whole life I could never shed not one pound. I just so sick of being sick! GOD HELP ME!

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  1. hi, i know how it feels when u’ve gone through this pain and all that, but everyone should keep that light of hope that is keeping them alive, just be positive, i’m sure that after some time, when you consult the right doctor, they’ll find a way to make you feel better,and if u have faith in god, he will surely not let you down 

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