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I’ve been under this cold place for soo …

I’ve been under this cold place for soo long that I don’t even remember how it feels like to be loved. As I stare into the sky waiting for that special person to pull me out of the water, every time I thought she’s there, she disappears like the fate is trying to play with me. I’m so tired staring into the sky so bright and warm. Wishing that for once It will share its warmth to me…oh my fated lady, my saviour when will you come, under this cold place that I’ve been waiting for so soo long.

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  1. Does love really have to be a person? 🙂 Why not trying finding love in the little things in life? We look so hard for bigger things to heal us when the little things are silently sitting, waiting for us to notice. Friends, family, memories, food, movies, songs, candy floss, the pink in the sunset, that freshening breeze on a warm day, animals, a baby’s laugh, when a baby holds your finger tight, when you’re in your favourite lesson, your hobbies, places in the world, pictures of places, art, drama, music.. There’s so much more I can say, but hey, that’s the end of my thinking capacity hehe 🙂 These are things you can find love in.. I know. I know, it’s easier said than done but don’t ever say it without trying first. Sometimes, when you expect too much, your disappointment is greater. Some people you can rely on, turn to, trust.. but sometimes, when you really want something, the only person who can help you achieve it well enough is yourself. So don’t wait for someone else to pull you out of that water, out of the chill.. get up yourself because your strength is just blurred by lack of colour in your surroundings. Everything is dark and painful and sad and you can’t see your strength, your beauty, your worth. Make a note to yourself to make yourself proud and learn to love yourself before you let anybody else love you. Honestly, you will find the one and when you do find her, you’ll be so happy that you won’t remember the coldness that you were once embraced by. Fate doesn’t like to play, it only ever loves to give to you and teach you in any way it can. So let it be a lesson for you and let yourself see that fate is what you make it to be. Don’t wait.. get up and go get exactly what you want x 
    Good luck and stay strong 🙂 

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