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He got diagnosed with Cancer

Hi, My name is Alexandra

Soo I entered this school a year ago (I was 14) and I met this awesome guy named Marcos, and we became best friends. In April 2014 he got diagnosed Leukemia (cancer). I was in tears when he told me this, as in I couldn’t believe what was happening. In May he went to Texas to receive treatment, he was there for almost a year. Of course we kept talking on the phone and texting, but it got to the point which I was missing him more than ever. December 2015 he confessed to me that he liked me for a really long time which I got super emotional when he said that because I liked him too. We started kinda a long distance thing. February 2015 he came home, and we went on our first date, it was the best date ever. March 2015 my parents told me we were moving to the US, which I’m really scared because of what will happened to my relationship, he hasn’t officially asked me out but we are “dating”. When I told him I was moving he got really emotional, and he just cant believe it. I’m freaking out because I don’t want our relationship to end. I’m moving in July and I’m scared. He said he would do long distance but I don’t know if he means it. As in we are best friends plus dating I don’t know what to do. But I have a good feeling that something good will happened.

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  1. you’re good
    believe in him
    tell all the things you want to do with him
    all will be right be happy 🙂

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