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I am attracted to my sister!

I have a sister. She is good looking, and I don’t know why, but I am attracted to her very much. Not that I want to have direct sex with her but I always feel like touching her cheeks, and to kiss her on her neck. I shared this thing of mine with my friends and some of them suggested to me that not to have such things with her right now as if the thin get exposed we will be done them (orthodox society in India). She is very open minded and we use to discuss things about sex by not sleeping late night. But I don’t feel something while I talk to her but I feel when I remain alone. She is open minded and always give a cute smile to me, but I don’t understand her instinct. What I feel for her is slight different and I cant describe it well. I want a conclusion.

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  1. may be somewhere in your life you felt like or you came to know incestious relation in movies from then onwards you started to feel like that or may be your friends talk infront you about your sister beautyness attraction (does’t mean sexually) is based on particular looks (structure and function) finally to deal with the problem you must be in a relationship with some girl who looks pretty than your sister

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