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We keep making eye contact. Will he ask me out?

I know this guy named Lucas and we have grown up going to the same elementary school together in a small town. We used to push each other around on the bus and have fun competition. We stopped talking after I got home schooled in 7th grade. I didn’t see him for a year and when I finally saw him, it was when I went into a Cafe with a friend and got milkshakes. While we were waiting to get our order and I saw him sit down with his friends family to get breakfast. I looked away and started talking to my friend Ally. She had a crush on Sam who was best friends with Lucas (Sams family was in the Cafe with Lucas). I hadn’t seen either one of them in a while so I decided to cast a glance towards there direction and when I did I found Lucas starring directly in my eyes for a good 8 seconds. It was almost as if I was stuck in this glance. I finally broke away from it and looked over at Ally and she saw what had just happened. I tried to hid a smile but it didn’t work out so well. I looked over again to find him still starring again so I smiled at him but I couldn’t read any expression from him because he didn’t smile back. So we left the cafe and went home. A few months go by and we cast glances at each other at volleyball games. It’s Halloween night and I decided to go to the corn maze with 4 of my friends. We are running through the maze and I see a group of 5 up ahead. I’m in the very back of my group and I pass by 4 people and the last person I passed by was Lucas. We were literally inches away from each other and our eyes locked and started darting back and forth rapidly. It felt like we were glancing at each for more then a minute but it was only seconds. It broke and I kept walking a few steps and I felt this pull on my body to turn around, so I did.. just to find that he turned around at the same time I did a few feet away. We looked at each other for a long time, it felt like he could actually see my soul and read my mind. We were in sync. I was stuck in the glance and couldn’t pull away. Finally after a good 10 seconds we both turned around and kept walking with our friends. I didn’t see him again for a while but when I did we always locked eyes for a moment. Graduation for seniors (not us) came around and so I dressed up and went to the school. I was sitting with my friend Amber and we were laughing and talking. The ceremony was about to begin. I decided to glance towards the doors (for no good reason) at the back and of course as I do, Lucas walks in. We locked eyes as soon as he walked in and he sat down with his family, a good distance away. We both stole glances and finally I decided to actually pay attention to the ceremony, so I did for a while and then I looked over at him and he was glancing at me for a while and I caught him, but he didn’t smile or change his expression or look away. I broke off the contact and the ceremony was done with by that point. Amber and I split up to congratulate the graduates. I walked out the front doors of the school and found Lucas taking pictures with his family and as I’m walking by I try not to glance at him and I walk behind the photographer and went to talk to a friend. We talked for a while and then my phone started vibrating so I stood next to this tree and talked with my dad for a minute and as I was talking Lucas would cast glances and then look down at the ground. I ended the phone call and he walked away with his friends.. That night I went on Facebook and his family pictures showed up and I saw that Lucas was looking towards the doors (where I came out of earlier that day) So I have clear evidence that he was starring at me. Why won’t he approach me? Smile at me? Friend me on Facebook? Follow me on Instagram? Or talk to me directly in any way? Why is he starring at me? Do we have a connection? If so, how do I deal with the scenario. He’s a confident guy so hes definitely not shy. Could this be a twin flame connection?


  1. He seems like he will ask you out (: A confident guy can by shy in front of his crush. Do you ever talk to him? Or is it just eye contact between the both of you? You should initiate conversation with him to get things started. Just small talk. Perhaps after becoming more comfortable with you he could gather up the courage to ask you out.

  2. A confident guy can be shy in front of his crush. You should try making small talk with him to get things started. He seems like he will ask you out 🙂

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