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I’m 16, she is 9, and I fell insanely in love with her

So recently I went to seaside with my parents and some family friends. We were on a beach where people come with tents and caravans and set up their stuff right next to the sea on the beach. This beach is not so known, only few people are coming here. Enough with the place description let’s go straight into the story. So we set up our stuff, our tents and the caravan. After we finished, me, my sister, two friends of my sister (that are neighbours with us) and a friend of mine were having fun on the beach. Three or two days passed as we were having fun on the beach and then, after these days, two people, wife and husband set their caravan and tent near us. These two have a 9 year old girl and a 4 year old boy. It was something like 9 P.M. when they arrived. One of my sister’s friend went to say ‘hi’ to the girl that came. After that, she came to get to know us. The girl’s put her to sing that night. The next day we were playing cards and were arguing about some rules and we voted how we wanna play then we split. We split into, me, my friend and the girl that came; and my sister with her friends. We played for something like 2 hours. The next day, we were playing cards again, me, my friend and the girl (For the sake of this story lets call her ‘S’ ). The days passed and as we hit 4 days of playing I just fell INSANELY bad in love with ‘S’ .But how is this normal I’m 16, she is 9. How is this happening, she is just a little girl and I’m a teenager. I’m very confused but I feel like this is true love and it will never fade. I was staying at 10 p.m. with her and my friend on a blanket and watching the stars it was so beautiful to watch those shooting stars. ‘S’ was playing only with me and my friend and not with the girls. We were playing cards, went in the water, walked on the beach. It was very cool. But after something like 10 days she had to go home and I was sooooo sad. I never been so sad in my entire life, and I’ve never loved a girl so bad I do now. When she was gone I realised I forgot to ask for her phone number. I was so sad. And now I’m still here thinking of her. I don’t know how to find her. I know her age her whole name her town and her brothers name. I just don’t know what to do. I think I can find her when she will have the exam for graduating from school to high school. I don’t know what to do I can’t stay so many years without her. Memories of her are destroying me. My life simply changed when I met her, now this is my purpose to find that girl. And if i do find her this would be a really great life story.

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  1. Bro, it’s totally normal to feel infatuations when we’re young. Society deems her too young (and so do I, but that’s irrelevant for you probs). Just wait a few years and facebook her. It’s going to be shit, but if you still want to talk to her then, the longer you wait the more acceptable it’ll be.

    Also don’t assume she feels the same way – she likely isn’t mature enough to conceive of things like love in the same way you think you are right now.

    Best of luck, stay strong mate.

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