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My Friends Made Me Feel Even Worse

When negativity hits, I tried to turn to my so-called “friends”, they made me felt even worse. Feeling a strong need to express my negativity but no one to turn to, I decided to express it at a place where I can literally complain without getting in trouble because my words are only opinions in this place——the Internet. “It’s just an opinion”

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  1. Usually i wouldn’t tell my friends about what happened on me, I don’t expect others to make me feel better. The only way to express yourself in a safe way is talking to yourself. It might sound weird or strange but it works so much better than telling to someone you know. I realize every time when i start to talk to myself about the problem i have, my problem doesn’t seems that important after all. When you talk about it you will try to find ways to express your feeling, and when you’re start talking you will realize maybe it’s really not such a big deal, and i should just get over it.

    hope u have a nice day!

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