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Not all of us have this kind of life

Life is the biggest treasure we humans have. We look after it, protect it, make it as good as possible and enjoy the little time we have on this earth. But not everyone thinks so. Not everyone is able to build their own “heaven on earth”

Some of us have been thrown into a living hell. We suffer, we cry, we break down, we get hurt over and over and worst of all: Some of us never even had a choice. Of course, there are people who live in awful situations like hunger or being homeless. But do not underestimate the pain that the people in good homes and good circumstances feel.

When you are in a good environment and you have everything you need, you feel happy. A normal life: A few good friends to hang out with over the weekends, good school times which may have been hard at some point but at least you met your friends there, a girlfriend or boyfriend you met and got together with.

Not all of us have this kind of life.

Take mine: I lost my disabled sister when I was 8 years old, she was 5. Dying in my arms just as I got home from school. No friends. Bullied for 7 years straight by 2 classes, roughly forty people. I had a girlfriend on the internet. We were together for a few weeks. Then she got rid of me and got herself a new boyfriend the day after. I’ve been depressed for over 8 years and I’m 17 now. I self harmed, had suicide attempts, went to therapy and now after all this time:

I’m still just as depressed as ever.

I may have a “good life”, but what is this good life worth if it is daily torture to endure?


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  1. Hi, I partly agree with you. I’m very sorry for everything you’ve been through, but I know the last thing you need is pity. I haven’t shared this with my family, but in a small way, I feel depressed. I don’t feel depressed for the same reasons you do though. I have a supportive and loving big family, I have never been bullied, and I have some good friends. I think I’m partly depressed because of life itself. Just the thought that everyone will die someday is very unsettling and depressing for me. It’s been hard for me to come to grips with that reality. I know you’ve had a hard life so far, but I think sometimes God brings pain to help you to connect with others, others who need your help and others who have had similar experiences. There is something about the way your perception of the world changes when you go through something traumatic. Sometimes, I guess, you need to know what that feels like in order to better understand others.
    You’re right. Not all of us have the kind of life you described. Some of us don’t even have close to a “normal” life. We have to make the best of this life, but how do we do that? Well, we keep hoping and praying. How did slaves survive when they were being treated horribly, and they had nothing to hope for? They kept hoping even in the darkest of times, praying that God would save them. Did God save them right away? No, definitely not. The point is sometimes you have to wait out the storm to see the rainbow. I know it can be hard but remember, we’re all in it with you…even the people living “normal” lives have their rough times. Keep going, don’t give up, and remember how you got this far. Remember your loved ones…remember yourself, your personality. Look in the mirror and tell yourself, ” You can get through this, You are strong,” and then, tell yourself Mary Angelou’s famous inspirational quote,” You may encounter many defeats but you must not be defeated.”
    You might not be a Christian but I would really like you to read the following verses: 2 Chronicles 15:7, Matthew 11:28, Psalm 37:24. I also strongly suggest reading Job.
    You can try to forget this message and push it to the back of your mind, but just know that this is the truth.

    I know this isn’t the best explanation, but please let me know if it helped. I am thinking about creating a website similar to this to help people going through rough times.

    -Messenger #1

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