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Dreamers belong together

I wonder if he belonged blacked out in the backseat of my jeep. Did he “belong” ripping that bong hit that cashed the bowl, immediately before he ran off into the midnight street. He had us worried sick when we searched all night and could not find him until the following day.

I’m more curious to know how worried she was. Did she even know where he was? Or the danger he was in?

She must not have. She also mustn’t know that I hate myself now for many reasons. But the one relevant to this story is that he fucked me while he loved her. He said that you two belonged together while he was inside my flesh. I admit, it was just a fuck, never meant to be anything more or anything less. I knew he obviously wasn’t committed to me but I what I didn’t know was that he was supposed to be committed to you. I wish I would have known his broken promises to you. I wanted him to fill me with cum but instead he filled me with regret and sorrows.

I met her one day. He was blacked out at the bar upstairs. I heard a pretty voice yelling his name. I obviously had to stop what I was doing and get to the bottom of what was going on. So, I walked towards the woman who was spilling my “mans” name out her mouth. I use the term “my mans” loosely. When I laid eyes on her I understood.

We looked alike. At that moment I saw through the selfish lies that poured out of his mouth. He just wanted to be inside a young innocent girl, me. Not her, she was his age. I was the young victim he could poison. Our connection was real to me, it’s apparent that it wasn’t real for him.

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