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When my father kicked me out of the house

My life has been a roller coaster, I lost my mother at a very young age and my father didn’t take much care of me. I had an elder brother who is also never bothered about me. I was harassed when I was young by my brother. I had a step mom as well. She completely ruined my life which was already half ruined, had a very bad friend’s circle was an alcoholic at a very early age, was always into fighting.

My father never cared about me all he wanted from me was money which I never had. One fine day got kicked out of the house with no money and no shelter upon my head, contacted some of friend’s for help nobody helped me out where I was the one to help them out whenever they wanted me.

Then what started sleeping in railway stations and bus stations did that for more than 2 months, worked in local restaurants for food and also tried committing suicide once. I was totally in depression never thought I would think of suicide but situation was very bad, and I thought that was the only solution for it, but somehow I contacted my old friend for some money then I told him my story. He asked me to stay in his place for some time and I stayed there with him for 1 month, found a job with food and stay started working and was really happy for some time.

I think I never deserved to be happy coming back to the story. I met a girl in the place where I work, started talking to her started seeing each other and yes we were in love, fuss! I was so happy so happy everything completely changed. I thought finally something good is happening to me. She used to stay far away from where I worked. I used to meet her once in a month. All the money that I used to earn I used to save it only to meet her and only to buy her gifts and give her all the she wanted, everything was good until one day she decided to cheat on me, she slept with another guy was completely shattered after hearing this.

I totally lost my control was in a severe depression started drinking alcohol everyday back to square one, no aim nothing to do, Just working and passing time I have severe anxiety and depression. After she left I was totally numb and I am seriously thinking to give up. No friends no family no one to live for always alone and depressed. I have so many things to share but now I am very depressed and in no mood to type anything.

Thank you

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  1. hi. first of I am so sorry that you have got to go through all of that especially at a young age. but I hope you are doing good. please don’t drink alcohol or anything else:( please stay healthy ! I really hope you can work things out. I really do wish you all the best. don’t give up and I know that there are people out there that you will find and they will give you happiness. I think you just need to wait a little more time for that if you haven’t found them yet. I want to keep it short and yeah, I really really hope the best for you. I hope you are reading this and know that there is going to be light at every darkness.

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