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When mom caught me in her room masturbating

One day my mom came home from a workout class to find me in her room masturbating with some of her socks from the dirty hamper.

She had caught on to me doing this as I noticed she would just put her dirty clothes straight in the washer after her workouts. Basically, I stood there paralyzed and began to shake uncontrollably.

I remember stuttering for words as she walked over and sat on the bed. It was a fantasy of mine for her to catch me and I wasn’t ready for it to actually be happening. I had a pair of her socks tightly wrapped around my cock and balls. Basically, she sat on the bed and asked what I was doing.

I asked if I could cum and she said absolutely not in her socks. I was shaking and had to cum since I was edging before she came home.

In a voice she uses when talking to our dog she told me to take the socks off and I did. She told me to put them back in the hamper. I was completely naked and rock hard in front of my mom as she got up and wrapped my cock in toilet paper without touching me. It felt so amazing that I came, and it was a lot.

After my third rope of cum it broke through the toilet paper and landed on the carpet. After that I felt extremely ashamed and embarrassed that she caught me. In a more stern manner she told me to get cleaned up and she went into the bathroom. Now I know she did that to make me cum.

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