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4 months ago, I became a victim of sexual assault

I was Thirteen at the time. I was talking to this boy who I liked, and he liked me. He invited me to go to the mall with him. I went with my sister and she left him and I after like 10 minutes because she got bored of following us around.

Right when she left he grabbed my butt. I was super uncomfortable, but I didn’t say anything because I wanted the attention. When we were In Dillard’s he tried French kissing me. It was my first real kiss that wasn’t just a peck.

Before we left the mall, he pulled on my belt loop of my shorts and motioned for me to turn around. I turned around and he grabbed my breast over my shirt. Then before I could comprehend what was happening he was putting his hand up my shirt and in my bra and he grabbed my breast. I was in shock and I didn’t move.

I told him “No” “Stop” “Don’t”, but he did what he wanted. Then I turned around and I was fixing to leave, and he pulled on my belt loop again and he stood behind me and he attempted to put his hands up my shorts. (Mind you, this boy was fifteen, I was thirteen).

I finally sort of realized what had happened and I just started walking before he could put his hands up my shorts. When we were walking to go find my sister he told me “No no no means yes yes yes to guys, so don’t go blabbing this to people, I could get in a lot of trouble for molesting you” After we left the mall I couldn’t breathe. I was in total shock. I didn’t text him hardly at all the next day. I spoke to him briefly at school the next day. I told a few close friends and I asked them what I should do about it. They all told me to tell my parents. So, I did. When I got home I told my mom and step dad.

There were only 2 days left of school after that, but I was horrified to go back. I knew though I only had to see him for 2 more days then I wouldn’t see him for a year or so. (Because he was going into high school and I was going into 8th) My parents contacted the police about it and he could’ve gotten ten years in jail for it. But something I had said to him after the fact caused him to be let go free.

All summer when it was late at night and I couldn’t sleep I would think about what happened. I would replay the moment a thousand times in my head trying think what I could have done differently. I couldn’t go back to the mall after what had happened for a while. It took all my strength to go back to the exact spot he touched me.

I saw his picture in an extracurricular book from the high school that my sister got. Just seeing his picture made me break down into tears.

Yesterday I went to the mall and who was there but Scott Wiggins, my assaulter. I was there with my Best friend Christian and he threatened to beat him up for me but that didn’t make me feel any better about being in the same room with him. I couldn’t breathe every time I was around him. I tried doing what my therapist recommended and I smiled and waved at him, but it didn’t make me feel any better. I wanted to cry the whole time.

Does anyone have any advice about what to do about this? Has anyone been through a similar experience?

Also, just in case Scott ever sees this, I hope you feel miserable about what you did, and I hope Karma bites you in the ass 🙂


  1. I was molested when I was 6 years old by two teenagers a brother and sister who were babysitting me. I was so scared I didnt tell anyone until I was pregnant I finally told my mom. Because I dont want this to happen to my baby so she knows I dont trust no one with my child. I commend you for having the courage to speak up!

  2. I sorta know what your going through. Last year my best friend (he’s a guy) was staying over at my house and sexually assured me in my own room. He was touching me for awhile thinking I was asleep but really I was just to scared to say anything and was hoping he would leave. This happened right before I started high school and he is a year older. I went into high school terrified about seeing him. Every time I did it instantly put me in a bad mood and made me want to cry. It still does to this day. I just started grade 10 a few weeks ago and still every time I see him I want to cry or hit him and suddenly I’m in a horrible mood and have to try and catch my breath before I burst into tears in front of my school. It’s is hard for anyone to get over something like that’s and for advice I say keep talking to your therapist and your parents or a trusted friend. I wish that I kept talking to my therapist at the time and it one regret I have is that I stopped talking to my therapist

  3. I know the struggle. I was 13 then too. None of it was your fault. There’s nothing you could have done or said differently. You are really brave to share this with your parents and going after him. I never reported and i regret it a lot. Therapy helps and also time heals. With time, you learn to let it go and understand that it does not define you. I hope when you are 40, you are in a mall with your own children and a man you actually love, and even if you see him, you’ll know it was a part of your past that will never define you. I love you, you are beautiful 🙂 Take care!

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