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I had sex with my dog

Hi, my name is Josephine (not my real name). I am here to talk about the time that I had sex with my dog.

One day, after a hot sex session with my boyfriend, he whispered in my ear, “I want you to fuck the dog. If you don’t comply, I will shoot you.” He proceeded to pull out an AK, and I knew that if I didn’t agree to fucking the dog then I would die. So I shakily nodded, and when he whistled, Coco sprinted in the room, panting and shaking his tail. I gulped, wondering how much this was going to hurt. To set things straight, my boyfriend and I never neutered Coco, so when he ran into the room, I could see his balls dangling down behind his cock, hitting each other like a Newton’s cradle.

I was terrified and humiliated, staring down at my precious puppy, about to become my master in bed. “Hey, Coco,” I timidly said. “Come here, boo boo.” Coco leaped up onto my bed. Since I was already naked, my double D breasts were exposed, as well as my bushy pussy. Coco sniffed around, licked my face once, and proceeded to go down on me, that is to say, lick my pussy. I closed my eyes, wanting it all to go away, but my emotions gave away to my sexual desires. I pulled my pooch closer to my snatch, allowing the dog’s immense tongue to probe through my hair.

After a few moments, I began to moan, but my boyfriend said “Not yet. Shut the fuck up. You are my slave now, so you will not moan until I tell you to.” I agreed, excited but scared for what was to come next. Then, my boyfriend hopped into the bed, sticking his cock deep into my asshole. I gasped, but remembered what he had said, shutting my mouth. Coco then took his penis (which I may add, was bigger than my boyfriend’s, maybe eight inches long and five inches in girth) and shoved it deep into my cunt. My boyfriend said, “OK, now you can moan,” and I screamed out in pleasure, feeling the two cocks penetrate my orifices. I laid there for around twenty minutes, their penises going in and out of my vagina and asshole rapidly. After some time had passed, my boyfriend and Coco both blew their loads deep into my rectal cavities, filling me with the juices of a human and man’s best friend. My boyfriend left me sitting on the bed, taking Coco for a walk, while the cum dripped down my leg like it was just pee.


  1. First of all he had absolutely NO right to threaten you with a weapon. Second, coercing someone to have sex with an animal is illegal in most states (except Hawaii, New Mexico, West Virginia, DC, and Wyoming) You should contact your local authorities and report the man’s behavior. He should go to jail for threatening you!

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