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I fucked my sister the other night.

I fucked my sister the other night.

She was drunk and laying on the kitchen floor in a bikini.

She mumbled in protest when I pulled off her bikini top and bottom. I took a super powerful vibrator and crammed it into her pussy. She screamed and moaned.

My dad heard and came into the kitchen. He was holding my mom who was also drunk and in a bikini.

My dad stripped her and gave her two more shots. That knocked her out and my sister was passed out too! Both were shaking from the vibrators in them.

My dad pulled out his cock and shoved the vibrator into my sister’s ass. He began pussy fucking her. I did the same to my mom.

The next morning, they woke up in the bathtub with their hands on each other’s breasts and pussy. My dad and I had transferred the vibrators back into their pussy and they were coming so hard.

They came for hours and passed out. My dad and I drew on them and played with them, then put their bikinis back on. We put them in the car and drove them to the beach after forcing several shots down their throats.

When they woke up on towels on the beach, we had hidden a camera and thought they had been fucked by other guys and fucked the lifeguards. People took lots of pictures. My mom and sister came and orgasmed orgasm after orgasm. They passed out and did not remember anything after.

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