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Monday December 8, 2014 in Category Thoughts and Feelings

Im over my life and sick of the constant struggle of just bearly surviving settling for second rate stuff all the time. My bed is over 15yrs old can you believe that? Ok so im 41yrs old and have two children my first a son he was such a handful i had him young at 19 and his father and i were never in a relationship at all whatsoever it was just meant as a one night stand that was all, when my some was around 12months old we moved into our first place together just my son and i but his father found out where we were and often times came around drunk expecting sex from me and when i told him no he would become violent and aroused i found that scary and trumatic, earlier in my life i have also experienced alot of sexual inuendo. Im pathetic i know nothing about nothing and have achieved nothing every thing i try just falls apart always and i struggle i struggle we struggle she struggles too but seems at least most have done something held down some sort of job or driven somewhere and seen something beautiful. Ive just never had any know how i mean how to do what ever it is you want to do and ive never had the support from anyone ive just no drive no competition in me because i know already you have won. Im down im so down feeling at my lowest its christmas time again and again i hate it i cant stand it whats so good about it then? Just reminds me more of all the haves vrcs have nots and i am always will be part of the have nots.. I dont have the know how or the skill to turn our situation around somehow. Its coming up to my 1st born baby girls birthday on the 9th this month Dec her arrival was awfully trumatic and highly emotional she arrived via emergency c-section my mind was im trumoil. She was beautiful lil darlin, but you see this was hard as i was not able to bond with her well at all in fact her daddy did best with her it was not untill she turned 13months that i actually felt comfortable enough being around her i just always felt so inadequate and unprepared for my feelings of failure and self loathing it was starting to fade, soon i found i was pregnant again, my first borne daughter passed away on the 14 of Feb we were shattered totaly heartbroken 18moths old thats all she was just a baby girl i failed you see its my fault her brother was 7yrs old at the time i was cooking tea she was underfoot so i sent her in her brothers bedroom to play just for short time the next thing i hear is a loud crash and run into the bedroom to see the wardrobe laying on top of my baby girl she was not moving when i got to her her beautiful little eyes rolled back in her head and she gargled something, i remember panicing somewhat and screaming at my then 7yr old WHAT THE FUCKING HELL HAVE YOU DONE THISTIME.. I remember this so clearly feel so ashamed of myself ive failed so badly my sons life is a mess he is currently in jail and nearly 22yrs old he understands nothing of life and any sort of real happiness or goods peace is just not im reach for us im so pathetic. Ive hopes for my daughter who is 12 she is a smart little girl who is very ure much loved but i worrie i do not have the skills to teach her all of what she should know she can be anything she wants to be she is disadvantaged though as we do not work we do not own a car at all we do not have anything going for us nothing at all i am pathetic.

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Monday December 8, 2014 in Category Life

Im still awake but have to getup early tomorrow.

Should I go to sleep?

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Monday November 3, 2014 in Category Friends and Family

I have reacted to her  sayings: when she spoke about my family and caste.
Good things about mumma:
She is caring
She has never enjoyed her life and I feel she should now stay happy and relaxed
She is a good cook
She is loving
She seems to be fun loving, depending on her mood.

What has she done with me:
She has been v rude to me whether it is my fault or not. Even if it is rahul’s fault, she spoke all the bull shit to me. There is no limit to what bad and how bad things she has spoken to me.
She made me the target of her frustrations. If I did not do anything,  she created fuss out of it. If I did she never appreciated. Again spoke bad abt it. She was not happy to send us out. She said I should not go out. Never  taught me directly things should be. Always anger never showed love to me. I felt her love wen she put  balm on my hand. And wen she bought chips for me after she spoke bad to me.
What I have done:
I have tried to pacify her whenever she was angry. Always heard silently whatever she spoke to me. Howsoever rude she may be. I tried to keep family together. I tried to be wid her whole time if I am at home. I never sit if she is working, I try to give her maximum comfort if  I am there. But she never showed satisfaction/appreciation. . Mumma has always been vv self centered. She never showed happiness when I took a major decision to shift from delhi and leave my job just like that. Her attitude remained the same.

1. Wen rahul shifted to Delhi, the way she got rude with me. I kept communicating wid her, never left her just like dat. Kept sending her msgs on watsapp.
2. Holiday time : when she was alone. The way she behaved for 3 days she was extremely rude and spoke vvv badly with me.
3. Never received our calls if she did never spoke nicely.
4. I kept saying sorry to her without any fault
5. During holi, I was always beside her, even if she said all the rude thing she could have said.
6. Because she was unhappy, I stopped going out anywhere,
7. Because she was unhappy I changed my dressing style.
8. They earlier allowed me to wear night suit, but when I realized she doesn’t like it, I always went down stairs in salwar suits.
9. I have to stealthily go out with my husband so that she doesn’t feel bad.
10. She thinks whatever bad has happened to Rahul , has happened because of me and his involvement with me.

My Mistakes:

The day  wen I moved away while she was speaking harsh to me in the morning,I did not come downstairs. Then she was out whole day. I was worrying about her very much but rahul showed from her call records that she has gone to her friend’s place. Wen she returned back, I sat with her for 5 min but wen she moved away from the room, I went upstairs again. I should have asked her,where she had been for the whole day. What she ate or etc…….. just for the sake of formality. I did not do that. Then after that, the huge fight happened between rahul and her . I was blamed the villain and the peace breaker and the same ols chudail bahu. Since then we are staying upstairs and she down stairs. Separately in our rooms. I am not allowed to do any work  involve in any thing of her house. Just because of a single hing that I did…….. I dnt know whether I am at big fault or small fault. All I want is some personal space and some freedom for myself.

I had to react one day as otherwise the same thing would have to continue for lifelong. Someplace, somewhere,the line had to be drawn. She will have to understand that she cannot keep on doing this. This cannot continue. Somewhere she will have to limit herself.

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Saturday November 1, 2014 in Category Life

We’ve moved at least 5 times… I’ve been to 6 different schools. All in the timespan of 13 years. My life finally started coming together, and me and my brother could be going to one of the best high schools in the country. However, my mom feels that she’s financially unstable and wants to move again… Not to mention that while two men liked her, she chose the lazy, drunk, smoker, child molester, over a wealthy man who lived in Florida. So, she doesn’t make great choices.

I’ve been feeling extremely stresssed because I finally fit in and was happy, and now that my mom is moving away at the end of the school year, she gave us this choice. I could stay here and live with my 21 and 14 year old brother, or live with my mom and her boyfriend. I’ve been thinking it over, and I want to stay, but I don’t want to leave my mom alone with that maniac. No matter what we tell her, she won’t get it through her head that he’s no good for her. So for one aspect, I’m worried about her. But on the other side, if I stayed, I’d have friends and a great education. So… I’ve been losing sleep and I don’t know what to think.

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Saturday November 1, 2014 in Category Life

If I were to post a year in the life of me, would there be more hate than love? I just want to get it out, I need to share this year, but without anyone knowing who I am, just what I go through

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Wednesday July 9, 2014 in Category Humiliation

I was involuntarily committed into a mental facility for 3 days, because the nurse thought I was a sexually abused child. I went there for anxiety and she wouldn’t let my husband anywhere near me. They started putting my information in a child’s chart before anyone had the bright idea to look at my ID- all because they only bothered to read the initial nurse’s report. The psychiatrist laughed her head off at the situation and let me out ASAP. I am an adult and my husband does not deserve to be treated like a criminal!

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Wednesday July 9, 2014 in Category Thoughts and Feelings

My birthday. My birthday was today, I turned 17. When I woke up my dad said happy birthday , that was the only acknowledgement I got today. No cake no gifts no one else even said happy birthday all day. I don’t mean to be a spoiled kid but since when did I not get cared about. When my dog turned 2 my parents threw a party made him a cake and got him an edible birthday card. I got one person to say happy birthday to me  on my birthday.

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Wednesday July 9, 2014 in Category Life

Hi myself Ipshita Ghoshal m frm varanasi dats in u.p. in india m 17 yr old babes..i want to share a short summary of mah mah life i hv to many up’n down’s as it happens in evrybodies lyf bt my story is i go..since frm my child hood to still life my father love me too much lik m his heart he lv me lyk a people lv god frm childhood whatevr i want my fathr gave me rit thr only bt in case of mu mothr she hates me alot coz m a girl n she want as usual boy evryday evry mint she scold me spoke all those hurtfull words she makes me evrh min cry she hit me vry badly she is too bad bt i lv her too much coz she gave me birth..nd alwahs pray fr her long life .m so bad n unlucky girl i liv alon alwys i hav evrythng xcpt love i alwys being alon always backstab by frnds lv evryone i quit too bt god dnt wnt me in gods home .i lv nature n animals i help evryone help beggers
.im kind in nature i want lv want sm 1 fr my care wnt frnds…i dnt make frnds coz they cheat m alone coz hvng fear of hurt agn ..i liv alone n hpy to i spend tym by sketching dancing singing n much more dis is mah summart story of mah life….i hope u will lik dis .

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Wednesday April 30, 2014 in Category Thoughts and Feelings

I need someone to talk to…

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Thursday April 10, 2014 in Category Life

I’d like to share my story with you, it’s entirely up to you if you choose to read this or not….

My parents got divorced when I was really young, I had to live with my grandparents, they were religious (Christians) and I used to be one too, had to go to a religious school and act all perfect. But I used to get bullied all the time at school and no one liked me… I had no friends and no one to turn to for help. Throughout the years of high school, I suffered from depression,bipolar, sadness etc….. Started self harming to the extent where I wanted to kill myself because I lost my sanity. At the age of 15 I moved to my uncles house and life started to change a little bit, I started to realize that things weren’t so bad like they used to be, the people I hung around started to like me and we kept hanging out all the time. A year later I discovered that those so called “friends” of mine have been speaking bad things about me, and I entered a state of depression once again. I had countless nights in the darkness, drinking and overdosing on drugs… was hospitalized so many times too. I never liked life, I never liked the idea of being able to breathe on this earth. I always question what the point of life is. What my sole purpose is. What the heck am I here for. And now I’m a 19 year old guy trying to get his life together…. finding a job and trying to earn some money. But recently I started thinking again and I feel like killing myself because I’m not worthy and I’m just a waste of space on this earth.

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Wednesday April 9, 2014 in Category Friends and Family, Love & Relationships

Hi. My name is Nicki. I am 14 years old, and I am Gay. I know, you’re thinking, “14 and gay?? Outrageous. She Must Be Confused. Well, I’m not. Honestly. Since I was 10, I just saw a beautiful ease in the female gender. When I was in 6th grade, I met a girl named Sydney. We were very great friends, but then we started to get closer, and closer, until one day she asked me out. I said yes, of course. She made me feel happy, since at the time I was getting bullied. Then, people started to catch on and they bullied us to the point to where we ended out relationship. I was devastated, and angry. From there, I became depressed. I started to cut. I went to therapy and stopped. And still, I am 14 years old and can’t come out to my parents because I live in a Christian/Catholic family. They would think I’m immature too. I know a lot on life. I’m and “observer”. I observe people and how they act. I’ve seen mistakes happen and great things happen. I always see people coming out, and it makes me cry when I think about it. Because if I were to, My dad would shun me and So would the rest of my family. 70% of the population of homeless people, are teens that came out. I don’t want that to happen to me. Should I wait? Should I just do it? Help.

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Sunday March 30, 2014 in Category Life

There are a lot of things that I feel I’m always going to be holding in, like the fact that even though I don’t starve myself anymore doesn’t mean I don’t think about it. I know I already lost that war, and that to do it again would just be another resignation of my control. I know that I’m never going to be able to identify with my family the way I wish I could. On the outside i’m an optimist, like I want to be. On the inside, i’m a girl running to hide under the covers. I know that we’re never promised tomorrow and that I very well may never get to do all of the things I want to do in my life, and I’m terrified of being held back or settling down the way everyone else in my life has. I know that my mom will never support my passions the way I want her to, and my dad will never care for and understand me the way I need him to in order to have a stable relationship. I know that each time I’ve fallen in love, I’ve lost a huge piece of my love with it because I feel like I’ve wasted so much energy investing in someone who doesn’t reciprocate. But I know that I still love opening up to the guy I consider to be the my best friend, and someone I could love, even though I know he doesn’t feel the same. But most of all, I know that it shatters me knowing that there is not a single person in this world I would want to know about all of the thoughts that run through my head. Because somehow, living with the damage of bottling them up is better than facing the disappointment, denial, and pity from everyone.

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Monday March 24, 2014 in Category Life

Okay so I’m 15 years old and I am a 10th grader. But something awful happened and I lost my spark if that makes sense. I feel different this year as a lot has happen. Sometimes I feel like there is nothing to look forward to and there is but I don’t feel anything about it. When I used to last year. My mind controls me and haunts me. I live in the future not the present.

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Sunday March 16, 2014 in Category Love & Relationships

Thirteen years and four children later she decides she needs some excitement. She started seeing her best friends husband but the guilt and possible loss of her best friend halted that… Can you just imagine .. Her best friend was calling upon her for advice as the husband said he didn’t love her any more and she is over there telling her it will be alight, you didn’t need him.. How could anyone be so could all the while rubbing her back and hoping to get out of there so she could soon swallow his load… wtf is that?
Anyway, she has since moved on to two other dudes she regularly sexts with.. I have been asked to leave my home and kids behind.. I will soon be trying to take custody of my children and let her run as she pleases.

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Monday February 3, 2014 in Category Love & Relationships

I am jealous of my best friend, who is also my crush, because she has a boyfriend, and I’m still sitting here alone. This upsets me dearly.

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Tuesday November 5, 2013 in Category Business

I just graduated from high school, and am taking a break from further education for a year or two. I wanted to expand my experience as well as try to have a better idea of what to take in post-secondary education. I wanted to get a job, or even two, to give me a better idea of my strengths and weaknesses. I eventually managed to land a job in a local grocery store, and I have never been more disappointed in myself than I ever have in my life. My failures are staring at me in my face, and I can’t even justify or comfort myself, as my incompetence is just too obvious. I haven’t even had my job for three weeks yet, and I have failed after many warnings on multiple occasions.

Firstly, my supervisors have been hindered and held back as a result of my performance. In other words, I ask for their help too often, and it’s clearly taking a toll on the patience of even my most well tempered supervisors. Secondly, it was my fault that I lost the store hundreds of dollars because I was too stupid to take a quick glance at a customer’s card or the underside of their shopping cart. Finally, I was home all day on my day off, and didn’t realize my phone was on silent. In the evening, I noticed it light up, and I picked it up and was informed of a slight adjustment in my week’s schedule. But wait, that’s nothing major, or even bad at all! Well see, as soon as the call ended, I realized I had at least ten missed calls from my workplace, and a few voice messages which clearly got more frustrated as I listened from the least to most recent messages. They wanted me to actually work that day, but I was dicking around at home and didn’t even notice my phone ringing. I missed the chance to work more hours and I blew it. I hadn’t even had this job for more than three weeks, and I’ve messed up so much in such a minuscule time span. Even though I am completely and utterly disappointed in capabilities, that isn’t even what bothers me the most. This may have been an example of how truly pathetic my abilities in life really are. I told myself everyday I’d work hard, yet I mess up in the most spectacular way possible. In reality, I’m nothing but a lazy waste of air, space, and resources. What if this is as far as my abilities can take me in life? Being barely able to handle a basic, no-experience job. Maybe in time I may improve, but life isn’t going to take its time with me. It’s not just me who takes the blow for my mistakes after all.

I live with my parents, yet I hesitate to move out because of my mother’s unstable emotional state. She isn’t too keen on having another child leave the nest just a few months after the other ones spread their wings. Read: they moved out, and she felt like she lost her purpose in life. She cried so much that while driving, she almost got into a car accident. For months, she would cry everyday, telling me to never ever leave home and to always stay with her. I hate myself for feeling angry, but I couldn’t help but feel she didn’t mind keeping me from attaining my own happiness as long as she got to keep hers. I love my mother, and am further disgusted at myself for being repulsed at her desire to keep me. She feeds me, clothes me, and provides me shelter, yet my self entitled pride has left me spoiled and undeserving of any kindness my family gives to me. I feel like both a burden, and a smothered toy. I want to stop causing so much trouble with my clumsiness and idiocy, but I’m scared as soon as I leave, I’ll accidentally lead myself into my own downfall. I want to leave because I feel like I’m not loved by my parents for being me, but just “loved” as a distraction from the loss they feel from not having the company of their favourite kids. I keep telling myself it’s okay to bask in the luxuries of not having to be responsible of my own home, which I already know is quite sad.

In summary, I’m incompetent, and have reached the limit of chances given to me by my managers. Every time I actively try to learn from my mistakes, I just cause a new one, as well as having failed to patch my previous shortcomings. There is nothing good about me. Seriously. I have maybe two friends, one of which I haven’t treated as well as I should have. The other is moving on with their life, as expected of life after high school. I could continue wallowing in pity, but I’m sure whoever is reading this is sick to death of listening to me whine and moan about myself. I don’t deserve the support I want, yet here I am, pathetically looking for it.

And of fuck, the kicker is that my problems are incredibly petty. They could be solved if I just worked at it. I’m sure the fastest way to solve this puzzle is to kill myself. But I’m so stupid. I actually kinda like myself.

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Saturday September 28, 2013 in Category School and Education

My experience with high school has many similarities as well as many differences with what we thing the “average” high school experience would be. I have experienced just about every point on the social spectrum of my high school. When I was a freshman, I was well known, well liked, and respected. I had many friends, many acquaintances and I got good grades. I was always happy and it seemed like people were always happy to be around me. This popularity continued into my sophomore year. I turned 16 and got asked on a few dates. I asked a few people on dates myself. I’m not shy, and I never have been. I had friends in every class and if I didn’t, I would make some. I was incredibly social and outgoing. I even asked one of my friends to prom and had an awesome time. Toward the end of the year, they were taking candidates for student government. The day before the permission slips and essays were due, I decided to run. I should mention that I wasn’t the kind of popular most people think of when they hear that word. I wasn’t preppy or rich. I didn’t wear the fanciest clothes or have a football player as my boyfriend. I wore ponytails and worn jeans and t shirts and converse. I was just me and liked for who I was. Anyway, I made posters and t-shirts and gave out bracelets and lollipops. We were supposed to do a skit one day but I just did a speech that ended up being more of a standup comedy routine because really, I just winged it. But I got a lot of laughs and a big round of applause at the end, so I guess I did alright. The day of results came and I came in third behind two stereotypically popular boys. Usually, they choose one boy and one girl as representatives for a class, but this year they chose the two boys. I was bummed but decided it would have been a LOT of work if I’d have won. Everyone who came up to me acted furious that they chose two boys. They were telling me to fight back and argue and stuff but I just didn’t think it was worth it. My junior year was the end of my popularity’s life. I got a boyfriend close to the beginning of the year and things were awesome. I was in a few honors classes and an AP art class. I was happy and in love. I hung out with a more specified group of people that first term and found out who my true friends were. Then, during the second term, everything exploded into chaos. Rumors of me being pregnant and sleeping around for money circulated throughout the school. People offered me cigarettes and drugs in exchange for sexual favors. My boyfriend who told me he loved me broke up with me because he believed the rumors. I learned that the pregnancy rumor was started by a girl I considered to be my “best friend”. Confused and heartbroken, I started experimenting with self-harm. I would get called to the counselor’s office almost daily. I was despondent and tired all the time. People that I didn’t even know would throw condoms at me and call me horrible names. Graffiti in the bathroom went from being “I luv Jake” or “Mr. Matthews wears ladies underpants” or stupid stuff like that to awful, hurtful things based around my promiscuity. The end for me was when I was cornered in the bathroom by a group of girls that thought I had slept with one of their boyfriends. They screamed obscenities at me and one girl even slapped me and spit in my face. They left me in the corner, shaking and sobbing. I left the school and walked to the library where I called my mom to come get me. I sat in my room for days, only leaving to go to the bathroom.  I ate because my parents forced me to. I was hopeless, glazed over and unresponsive. I snapped one day and screamed at my little sister. I grabbed her by the wrists and pushed her down. I locked myself in the bathroom and sliced my arms up worse than I ever had before. A hospital trip later, I was bandaged up in my room, thinking about how much happier everyone would be if I was dead. Then, a girl from my church named Kesha came into my room. She sat on my bed and with tears in her eyes told me she loved me and that it hurt her to see me like that. Kesha and I had been friends for several years and I’d figured she’d abandoned me along with everyone else. She hugged me and my eyes welled up. A tiny spark of hope appeared in my heart and for the first time in a long time, I felt a lick of happiness. Kesha sat with me for hours, listening to me, talking with me and just being there for me. In the weeks that followed, I got set up for home school, saw a psychiatrist and spent as much time with Kesha as I could. I returned to church to a warm welcome and felt happier than I had in a long time. That will be a year ago in December. My life has completely turned around. I’m on track to graduate early; Kesha is still my very best friend and my biggest support in life. I haven’t hurt myself or anyone else since my big breakdown with my sister. I haven’t returned to school and I don’t plan to. I don’t want that burden in my life now that I’ve pulled myself together. I am so happy being alive. I know how it feels to lose all hope completely. I know how it feels to have so much pain that you just want to die. I know how it feels to not understand anything; to be so confused and lost that you don’t even know who you are anymore. I know how it feels to have your life change on a dime. But I also know how it feels to be happy. To have true friends and people who love you for who you are.

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Thursday August 15, 2013 in Category School and Education

Okay, well, here goes nothing. I guess I just need to get this off my chest. I don’t know if you’d categorize it as a ‘life story’ but whatever. It started in my freshmen year of high school. Back then I was a little spitfire to anyone I knew, but shy around those I didn’t know. Because of these two conflicting things, I was classified as an ice bitch. People thought I was cold and maybe even a violent badass. Back then, I was okay with having a reputation because, being shy little introverted me, I didn’t want people to talk to me. I already had friends so it isn’t like I exactly NEEDED to make new ones. After freshmen year I mellowed out a bit, I wasn’t nearly as violent but I had a temper. I got mad pretty easily, but it wasn’t like people had to run away screaming if I clenched my fists. I was still okay with my reputation, I just kind of shrugged it off and dealt with it. I didn’t see it as a big deal. The following year I was no longer violent, but instead strict and harsh. I ignored it, why did it matter to me if people called me a bitch behind my back? I didn’t think I was a bitch, it wasn’t like I was out stealing boyfriends, manipulating people, and stabbing my friends in the back. And yet people still thought I was some asshole. This year, nothing has changed except for the fact that everyone continues to judge me based on my reputation and my cold facial expression. My friends even say things like ‘oh she’s just mad about something’ when I’m visibly upset. I just don’t know what to do. It’s not like I don’t mind if people think I’m cold or mean, I just wish that they wouldn’t judge me based on what they hear other people say about me.

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Monday July 22, 2013 in Category Humiliation

Angela K has head lice and has never even tried to get rid of it, because she is pure white trash. She lives with Roger, the man that RAPED her little daughter, and let him BACK in the home!!!! Can you say White Trash?

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Monday June 17, 2013 in Category Love & Relationships

I don’t get it… it looks like a curse or something…just  today, I found out a girl I was starting to feel attracted to had a boyfriend. That would be fine if this was the first time it happened , but it already happened 3 times this year! one of them was even engaged!!!
I don’t get it , there are supposed to be more women than men on the planet , yet , about 80% of  the males I know are single, and about 90% of the girls I know have a boyfriend, and I obviously keep  falling for that 90%

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