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My grandma was spanking me then told me to cum in my hands

I grew up in the 70’s. Money at home was very tight. We did not go without the things we needed like food etc., but there was no extra money for vacations and fun activities.

My parents both worked and worked full time jobs and they also worked almost every weekend as well. I am the oldest boy of three boys.

My story is true and the events which changed my life began when I was sixteen. Gran, my grandmother, my mother’s mom, moved in with us. I never met my Grandfather, he died before I was born. Grandma is a very young acting person slim healthy very soft spoken and warm. All was good but living in a small home after a while everyone sought of gets on each other’s nerves. Privacy is hard to find.

One of my jobs I was given was to cut the grass once a week. Honestly there was not much to cut. I was told to cut the grass every Saturday morning. I guess I had the teenage brain freeze and sometimes just didn’t want to get up on a Saturday and cut the grass.

With tension in the household and my parents working, Grandma took over as the Adult / Parent figure. I had a small room in the basement as a bedroom. On particular Saturday I guess she was on over load I was lazy mode. She called for me a few times and I did hear her but didn’t want to get out of bed. She came to my room and wow it was like she was a different person.

She came in my room yelling and screaming that I need to do the what I am told and to help out. She to my shock smacked me and kept smacking me. I jumped out of bed and she grabbed me and while yelling, and  smacked me a few more times and then started to spank me while I was standing trying to get away from her.

She would not stop, and she kept spanking. She had me face down on my bed and she kept spanking – and it hurt. She did lower my gym shorts and I protested big time and have no idea where she got her energy, but she keep spanking.

I was afraid to move I didn’t want her to see me nude. When she stopped spanking me, she told me to stand up I went to pull my pants up and she stopped me and made me stand by her side nude. She grabbed me and held my cock very tight and with her other hand spanked me some more. I don’t know why but it felt good and I was semi hard. She got really mad and made me lay belly down again and spanked some more.

When she had me sit up I was hard – I am not big, but I was hard. She then ordered me to jerk my cock I wanted to run, but she was in control and I did. She watched and said nothing.

When I went to stop she got upset and told me to continue. I did and was ready to cum in a second, she knew when I was ready to cum and she told me to cum in my hand. I did. She then told me to rub it on my ass I did. She took my cock and squeezed it and she rubbed the rest on my ass. She told me that she now owns me and will do what she tells me. Since that day she has many many times had me jerk off in front of her she has spanked me many times and has even taken photos. I never thought I could tell anyone.


  1. Wow. That’s some serious sexual abuse. Don’t think it’s anything less. And seriously – not your fault.

  2. Oh My Goodness! Call the Cops! She is sick, and needs to be locked up.

  3. Absolutely pointless story.. Started out well, but then… Just got too kinky too fast.

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