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The individual whom he dealt with before us reconnecting again is pregnant

I have been trying to muster up enough strength to write down something. I think I have typed and deleted about five times now. Though I know this is anonymous, it is still nerve wrecking knowing someone could possibly read my inner thoughts. Here goes it, this has been a tough week for me.

My grandfather from my father’s side got into an accident and is unconscious. My grandmother from my mother’s side then had a heart attack the day after his accident. To add on to that the person that I am in love with, we reconnected again and have been doing so well but he received a call that the individual whom he dealt with before us reconnecting again is pregnant.

Thankfully my grandparents are both doing well as I type but I am having nervousness about my guy and I. I love children so him becoming a father is not an issue for me, especially when the encounter happened outside of us being together. What is worrying me is his process with this life change. It feels as if he is pushing me a way and I know he needs the space to come to grips with this, but I always believed in love being a partnership.

With that partnerships comes adversity and changes that are meant to be face together. I am a very sensible individual, but I do not know how to go about this. I love this man and there is not a thing that I would not be there for him to lift him up for. I just need that space to do so. I think this is enough for today. Thank you to anyone who may have read this posting. thank you for reading my inner thoughts.

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