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Now that we stopped contact, everything seemed to be okay

I have a friend and I valued his friendship very much. He had a girlfriend, but we had a past. I became friends with his girlfriend, and all was well until he started to get flirty sending the wrong messages to my parents like bringing me food, calling me a pet name, kissing my cheek and more things that friends don’t normally do.

So, I asked for help from my friends and they all told me cut that guy out of my life. It’s true I didn’t want to be friends anymore because he is actually a really horrible person to me. I also didn’t want to hurt my friend (his girlfriend).

Now that we stopped contact, everything seemed to be okay, I was still willing to act like everything was okay in front of group of friends, but he somehow had a reason to be angry. He got everyone to fucking hate me and it hurts. I did nothing wrong, I just wanted a toxic friendship out of my life and then I lose everything that reminded me of the good days. FUCK THIS SHIT HE HAD NO REASON TO BE MAD I DIDN’T EVEN SAY BAD SHIT ABOUT HIM, WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME FUCK


  1. Well show this to the people who dislike you. Your ex Friends. Try to find proof. Texts, cards anything that can save your butt. But for real tho. Real friends would not leave you fall Just like that. I know it hurts but you got to keep fighting better times are ahead. GL??

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