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I can’t stop thinking about my ex best friend

I can’t stop thinking about my ex best friend. We haven’t spoken since April and I can’t go one day without her in my head.

It’s torture, we did everything together so anytime I do anything it reminds me of her. And the worst part is I can’t talk to anyone about it. After we had our fight she turned every single one of our mutual against me.

I only really had one friend left, and I can’t talk to her because when I tried she just said “fuck her she’s a bitch, forget about it” but I can’t forget about her she was my first real best friend we did everything together. Over the summer when I worked I probably spent half my income on her and then she just threw me away because I made some shitty jokes about the school walkout.

That I purposely didn’t make in her presence because I didn’t want to offend her. It was probably my fault, but I felt like she used me I did everything for her and I feel like she took advantage of how much I cared about her and threw me away as soon as she found someone to replace me. Made me feel like trash and made cry all night for countless days.


  1. She’t not worth it. i have had the same situation before with my best friend. She cut me off without even an explanation. We did everything together.. we we’re like sisters for years.. One day, she decided she doesn’t want to talk to me. Guess what? My life changed for better. i am happier than ever, and so will you. Everything happens for a reason:) Move on with your life, that’s my advice.

  2. if you know that she used you then just kick off her from your life. feel for the person who cares for you and give respect to you. never waste your tears for whom you know that its not worthy.

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