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To be honest, I was disgusted as fuck

I’m a twenty-three years old gay dude. A little background story before this, I dated my first guy in the 1st year of High school. He was super cute but after a few weeks later, I realized that he was an abusive bastard. I mean, he used to claim to me that he was straight but was still with me. I couldn’t understand him. He was abusive, show off, and possessive. I ended it with him after a few months. He had a cousin used to tell me that he liked me from the start but my first boyfriend, let’s call him A.B, shook me up pretty bad.

He used to call me a pig and stuff. He used to say that he will tell people that I am gay, and I want to have sex with anyone I see. A little information, I belong to a country where homosexuality is condemned because of the religion and the mentality. Religion is used to increase the hatred towards the homosexual whereas raping or paedophilia is overlooked.

Anyway, I used to get so scared and all with his torture and threats, so I stayed all the time I stayed with him. After I broke up with him, his cousin asked me out, but I was so sad, shook, terrified and disturbed, I blocked A.B and all his family members from all social medias, changed my cell phone number and changed schools.

It’s been almost 4 years since that happened. I am studying in a university in a different city and I have pretty good friends. One of my friends is gay and one day he was showing me HIS ex-boyfriend’s picture and… It was A. B’s cousin. I was a bit concerned but I shrugged it off seeming maybe he was gay too (I know back then he asked me out and told me he liked me but, in my mind, I thought he was A. B’s cousin and he is also a straight dude who just wants to have sex no matter what the gender is).

I asked my friend about the breakup and he told me that he was weird like, he wanted to be with me but used to say he can’t meet me or anything and he wasn’t gay, but he liked me, so I cut it off. I never gave it much heed.

So, today I came back to my home town to visit my mom for a few days and I was scrolling through my social applications when I saw his picture with another dude. I thought “Hey, he was quite nice with me and also if I talk to him, I can know whether he was gay or bi or whatever” so I messaged him saying let’s meet up. When I met him, we chatted normally and all and then I asked him about my friend. I was surprised when he said “He was just a joke that fag. I only used to text him when I was bored, and I used to get him nudes JUST to show my girlfriend how much attractive I am.

I’m not gay and neither I like dudes. I’m straight” For a minute, I couldn’t say anything. I figured it out that he’s cut from the same cloth as A.B so I kept quiet and then he started hitting on me saying “You were so cute back when you were with A.B. You are still cute though. BTW, did you and A.B had sex? What did he used to do?” I felt sick and changed the subject, mostly because I am still afraid of A.B and now his cousin, who was sitting in front of me looks exactly like him. I didn’t want to fight him off.

Anyway, I ignored him and started using my phone. To be honest, I was disgusted as fuck. He left like ten minutes after that and I felt relieved. He hasn’t contacted me since and it’s been like twelve hours. If you guys have some suggestions, kindly let me know. Thanks.

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