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I have switched to 7 different schools

I have switched to 7 different schools in my life. My whole life I have had to start over from one school to another. I’m at my (hopefully) last school, and I am looking back on all the schools I have switched from, and I realized that I lose parts of myself as I switch school.

I lost my soft voice, I lost my self-confidence, I lost my ability to speak to large crowds, and most importantly, I lost my friends.

I just found out that one of my best friends has a disease that has made them unable to do things he loved to do. I have made irreplaceable friendships and lost them because of moving schools. It messed up my head, having to start over so many times.

I no longer move schools and try to make friends. I have become a closed off version of myself. I just want to send a message to any family out there that moves a lot. Please, please, please, if you see any change in your child, try to stop moving. Change is a part of life; however, you should not have a fear of change or a messed-up head because of how many times you have had to change.

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