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I saw that he’s already has a girlfriend

So, this is my story. I meet with him for 1 years ago. I meet him in some event in my campus and he’s so famous in there. Everybody knows him. He’s a leader in my campus organization. He’s the best one maybe.

But yeah, we’re be friend even I know he never think that I am his best friend. He’s sucks. When my birthday he does not say anything to me or give me some gift, even I give him some gift. 2nd things are, when he asks me to hangout when raining, he does not care with me even my pants is getting wet. He’s just leaves me alone in mall 1 am after we watch midnight movie in cinema. LOL.

So, I am so mad and feeling bad with him. I mean, I am always be your friend, but he’s thought I am a stranger lol. After that, 1 day, I feel so upset with him because he’s just read my chat because I have told him my problem and no response. just read. So yeah, I am just ignoring him and when I changed my WhatsApp number, I don’t tell him. I just hate him now.

So, after that, 1 week later, I saw that he’s already has a girlfriend. Of course, as my ex-friend, I was so happy. I text him that she’s luck have you and I am happy for them but AGAIN! he’s just read my chat. So yeah, I am going to campus today and meet him with his girlfriend. He’s trying to say that I am ignore him (just for jokes) but I don’t care and just keep walking but… His girlfriend calls my name. Hmm I just keep walking.

But really, I don’t mean to do that. I know his girlfriend because she’s my senior, but I can’t see her clearly because I don’t bring my glasses. I feel so guilty because I am just pass her. I don’t want that she thinks I am jealous with her and my that ex-friend.

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