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The naughtiest places I’ve been having orgasms

The naughtiest places I’ve been having orgasms for the past four years are in my 58 year-old widowed grandmother’s toothless mouth while my divorced mother watches. Then, 1½ hours later, in my 35 year-old mother’s hairy cunt while my grandmother watches. It all started when I was only 13, and we all still live and have sex in the same little two bedroom house where it all started.

I’m pretty sure mom and grandma do “sex stuff” when I’m not around, but I’ve never caught them doing it.

I’m looking forward to my skinny 32 year-old aunt and her virgin 14 year-old daughter visiting us over the winter holidays. It’s going to be a little crowded in our little house, but my grandmother has promised me that since I’m the man of our family, I’ll get to mount, fornicate, and climax in both my aunt and cousin while they’re here.

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