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I would find mom around the house late at night completely naked

This is my true confession about when I was a teenager. My parents divorced when I was a teenager and Mom started to drink a lot. I would find her around the house late at night passed out drunk half undressed or completely naked.

That was the first time I have ever seen a grown up woman’s nude body. I wasn’t even interested in girls yet but now that’s all I could think about was how mom’s body looked.

I felt like I was doing something wrong looking at her nude but I couldn’t stop. I took some nude pictures of her and tried masturbating for the first time in my life. The first few times I tried nothing happened but soon I had my first orgasm looking at my nude mother and I couldn’t believe how it made me feel.

Soon I wanted to learn more about girls. I tried to wake mom up to go to bed but she never moved. That’s when I got up the nerve and courage to touch her boobs. They were so soft and I was amazed that her nipples got really hard and long while I was touching them. I tried fingering her and tried eating her out just like all the older kids talked about.

Soon I was sucking on her nipples while fingering her. Then I rapped her hand around my penis and used her hand to masturbate with until I came on her boobs and face. When I turned fourteen she was sleeping on her side and from behind her I could see her vagina and thought if I got behind her I might be able to experience sex for the first time in my life. I got behind her and easily slipped inside of her vagina and within seconds I was cumming deep inside of my mom. I will never forget how it felt. It was the greatest experience in my life.

This is absolutely the truth about what happened between me and my drunk mother



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