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When Daddy Was Away

When I was growing up, my father was a truck driver and away from home a lot. That left my mom, my sister and me alone. Sometimes for days in a row.

One weekend, when I was 12, Daddy went on a long haul somewhere and left us 3 by ourselves. I had my own bedroom and my sister had her own bedroom.

Well, about the first night of that trip of Daddy’s came a huge thunderstorm in the middle of the night! I woke up frightened. I didn’t like violent storms.

I got up out of bed, looked out the window of my bedroom in fear, paced my room for a bit.

I often slept in pajamas, but that night I had gone to bed in just my little briefs. After pacing my floor for a bit, I decided to tiptoe over to Mom’s bedroom. Still in my underwear and nothing else, I opened her door and said “Mom.” She didn’t answer. Evidently asleep. I walked over to her bed and said again “Mommy”.

This time she woke and said, “What, sweetie?” I answered “I’m scared!”

She said “It’s just a storm. It will quit in a minute”.

I sat down on her bed beside her, and she put her arm around my belly to comfort me. Then as I leaned toward her for comfort she hugged me and rubbed my bare thighs for a couple of minutes and that felt soothing to me.

I asked if I could sleep with her for awhile and she said “Okay, honey. Come on.”

That started a series of “sleeping with Mom” over a period of years.

I crawled into her bed beside her that night, and I remember how warm and safe it felt!

I cuddled into her and she held me tight against herself and sort of rubbed on my back as we went off to sleep.

It was summertime, so as I got up the next morning I didn’t have to go to school. Mom had already gotten up out of bed and was not in the room. And I remember that morning. I have ALWAYS woke in the mornings with an erection, since as long as I can remember. And, like always, I got up that morning in Mom’s room and sported my morning ‘stiffy’ inside my little briefs just as always. I was not in the habit of being in the presence of Mom in my underwear, as a rule.

Oh, she saw me in my briefs from time to time. But rarely. But as I got up out of bed THAT morning and was stretching, yawning and waking up in her room, Mom suddenly opened the door and came in. She smiled at me and I STILL remember how she glanced down at my briefs and stared at my “morning stiffy”. I remember her expression. It was a glance, but then her eyes just sort of stayed ‘fixed’ on my crotch for a few seconds. Her little boy was growing up and her expression seemed to be one of pride and fascination. She hadn’t seen me naked for several years.

Well, we hugged good morning and I kissed her. She clung to me a bit and rubbed my back for a minute while we stood hugging. That felt nice.

And it didn’t help me get rid of that morning stiffy in my shorts, which I was self-conscious about with Mom in the room. Especially after the way I saw her look at my shorts a moment ago!!

The following night, my sister was at a friend’s house. That left just me and Mom alone in the house. No storm, but I asked “Mom, can I sleep with You tonight?”

She said without hesitation “Sure. That was kinda nice last night. Sure, honey.”

Well that evening Mom and I were sitting on the couch, just laughing and talking and being silly together. The tv was on, but we weren’t paying any attention to it. Just laughing and having silly fun together. Mom was drinking her wine and had the bottle open on the coffee table. I had coke or some soft drink. We were cuddling and telling jokes. And then after each silly joke we would laugh with each other and then kiss. I would tell a joke and then we would laugh and share a “peck” on the lips. And then she would tell a joke and then we would laugh and then another kiss together. It was delightful fun.

But then, it began to change. I think it was the wine she was consuming, because then after one joke I told she looked me in the eye in a serious way and kissed me. But THIS kiss was different!! I mean, she put her hand behind my head and really KISSED my lips hard!! And I was just a kid and wasn’t experienced at romantic kissing, but remember how her lips sort of “churned” on mine that time and I was taken by surprise!

After she released my lips she just looked at me and pulled my head to her neck real tight and held me tight. I couldn’t tell a joke then, the mood had gotten serious. I remember saying “Oh mommy” or something and she said “Oh honey, I love you.”

After a minute of being tight together she said “You’re my boy and you’re growing up!”

We spoke for a minute, the mood now serious, and she took some more swallows of her wine and then that same look into my eyes! I wanted to say SOMETHING, so I said “Is that wine good?”

But then she placed her lips on mine again, with her hands behind my head and she began kissing the hell out of my mouth!! She churned on my lips again and THIS time I let them part and felt her tongue entering my mouth!! I wasn’t at all experienced with this and just let her have my mouth and she french-kissed me for the longest time — over and over, she pulled off my mouth and then with that same look in her eyes she planted back on my mouth with hers and for I would say 10 minutes without stopping she kissed me!! I just let her, not knowing quite how to respond but it got to feeling good and I felt myself getting an erection!! As Mom kissed me there over and over with french kisses I got a serious erection and even began returning her kissing with my own and before that session was over I had MY tongue in her mouth as well!!!

Then we just held each other and hugged after our kissing. I didn’t know what to say or do and finally Mom got to her feet and pulled me to my feet. Hugged me and said “I’m going to take a shower and then go to bed.” She then walked off toward the bathroom and didn’t say anything further about me sleeping with her, though we had agreed to that earlier.

I heard the water running in the shower and then watched Mom come out of the bathroom, a towel around her. I was still in the “hot and bothered” mood from the kissing I had just experienced, my young hormoned-up mind trying to process it all!!

I watched her walk from the bathroom to her bedroom in that towel and it covered her breasts and just barely covered her ass. I thought her legs looked SO SEXY as I saw her go to her room.

She shut her bedroom door and I didn’t know if she still wanted to let me sleep with her or not. But I was wanting to now MORE than ever!! My gosh, the kissing that I had just done with her had me SO shaken with excitement!!

This is what I did: I went to my bedroom, took out a clean pair of underwear briefs, and went into the bathroom and got in the shower. I took my own shower, just thinking about what had happened there on the couch, and then how Mom had looked in that towel she had clutched around her, her long SEXY legs completely exposed up to where I almost saw her butt cheeks!!! I had an erection all through that shower!
Dried myself off, pulled on my clean underwear, my hard penis sticking straight up inside them, and walked softly and slowly barefoot to her bedroom door. Now, I know that she had closed that door tight, but it was now partially open. An invitation to me? Was the partially-opened door inviting me to her bed?

I pushed the door open and walked quietly to her bed.


“Come on”, she said, pulling the covers back to allow me to crawl in.

I crawled up on the bed and beside Mom and pulled the sheet over myself and nestled in tight against her, to re-create the mood of the previous night. A mood of warmth and safety. And as I did so, found that Mom was completely naked!! Her bare chest was against me, her breasts touching my chest.!! My penis was now THROBBING!!

As I put my arm up over hers to hug her, I at the same time moved my legs to hers. Her leg then lifted and came across my thigh and we were tight against each other. It was only as she hugged me and moved her hand all up and down my back and butt and legs that I realized she was COMPLETELY naked. Because then I moved my own hand down her back, just meaning to give her a loving ‘hug’. And I didn’t feel her panties, and moved my hand a bit further and felt her ass-crack!! Oh my god!! Mom’s naked!!

We held and hugged and rubbed on each other’s backs for quite awhile, my breathing getting shorter, my heart pumping harder, and my cock hard as wood inside my own little pair of briefs!!!

What are we going to do? Go to sleep? Kiss each other again here in bed?

Well, with Mom’s hand rubbing up and down my bare back, and across my ass and on my bare thighs, feeling her heart inside her chest pumping as hard as mine, her titties against me, I thought I would ‘go for it’.

Remembering the kissing we had done on the couch moments before, the taste of Mom’s wine in my mouth from her french-kissing, I took the initiative and pulled up to her face with my own and I kissed her!! Like I thought, Mom’s lips began churning once again on my own and I let my lips part for her and into my mouth came her tongue once again!! She french-kissed me and I let her and then in a few moments began french-kissing her back!!! Oh god, Mom!! This feels SO GOOD!!

We hugged, kissed, held each other tight and fairly “rolled” with each other for about 20 minutes or so and I felt her hand, which had been rubbing all over my back and legs, just suddenly slip INSIDE my little briefs onto my butt!! She squeezed on my little ass there passionately as we kissed and then she began tugging at my underwear and pulling them down!!

I obliged her and reached down and pulled them off myself! If Mom is going to be naked here, SO AM I !!! I got them down to my feet and then just kicked them off!! Held onto Mom still going for her lips and as we kissed some more I felt her hand now on my bare ass move around to my front side and she tenderly grasped my throbbing hard-on !!!

I felt her tenderly feel, squeeze and pull the skin so gently on my now hard-as-rock dick !!!

We rolled as we hugged and kissed, and it got white-hot with passion!! My young mind trying to grasp what was happening, my young-male emotions going wild and I finally, after hugging, kissing and rolling around with Mom ended up ON TOP of her !!!!!

I was going wild with emotion and she was too!! As I kissed her then on top of her I knew I was between her open legs and I thought “God! Am I going to fuck Mom???!!!”

I kissed her neck and then went for Mom’s breasts — breasts I hadn’t sucked on since I was a little baby. But now my 12-year-old lips were ON those breasts again and I sucked and sucked and nibbled on her nipples for several minutes until I felt Mom’s hands on my bare butt again and then I just pulled up on her and it felt SO NATURAL to just begin to “hump” her !!!

I wasn’t experienced in any way, shape or form, but it was just a “natural ” instinct to begin humping and I felt her hand then reach under my belly and take hold of my young throbbing male member and as I pulled up further on her to reach her groin she guided my penis to her pussy’s opening and then let go. I was excited out of my mind then, I remember how my eyes just rolled up in my head as I pushed and Entered Mom!!! It felt SO HEAVENLY GOOD !!!! I didn’t stop for a second. I didn’t miss a beat I kept on humping and then pumping as I got inside her and I was FUCKING !!! I didn’t last long. In a minute or less I was cumming!! Felt it from my head to my toes as my body convulsed in orgasm.!!!!!!!!!

Mom and I were one at that moment, and I don’t think I have ever loved anyone EVER like I loved my mom at that moment. I just laid there, breathing so hard, calming down, my body feeling SO DAMN fulfilled — what had I just done? God, I loved my mom at that moment more than I had ever loved anyone !!!

Daddy never found out


  1. Fuck yes~ What a great mommy and son. This is how it should be. Your cock cumming because of your mom’s pussy.

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