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Fun with my sister in-law

When I was 14, my sister in law was living with us while my brother was away in the military.

One night after jacking off I took a pair of her panties out of the laundry hamper to clean up and loved how they felt so was hooked..

One night I decided to wear a pair all might and get them back in the hamper the next morning. I headed for the hamper first thing but it was empty. I headed to the laundry room and there she was loading the washing machine.

She turned to me and asked if I had her yellow panties. I denied it and she laughed. I know you have been jacking off in them and I don’t mind. Its OK.

I took them out of my pocket and handed them to her. She smiled and kissed me on the cheek and promised it would be our secret. About an hour later she asked me if I liked wearing them or just jacking off in them. I admitted I like wearing them.

She went to her room and came back and threw me a pair of sky blue panties and told me to go put them on. I did as she told me and she yelled for me to come out so she could see them. I was embarrassed to come out because my cock was hard. She just walked into my room and told me she liked them on me and to go ahead and jack off.

She watched until I shot my load. After that when I would get home from school she would have a pair of her panties laying on my bed.. This went on 5 days a week while mom and dad were at work for about a year when my brother came home and they found their own place to live.

That was over fifty years ago. My brother and her broke up about a year later and still to this day she sends me a pair of panties on my birthday.


  1. My step mom caught me wearing some of her panties and her bra and after that she would have me dress up like a girl and she would take her dildo and fuck me in my ass. One day she had me dress up and she took me to a friend of hers house and she and her friend fucked me with different things

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