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The story of foreplay with my mom

My mom is the most sensitive and caring lady I have ever met, now I’m 60 I don’t mind sharing the experience I had with my mom.

I was 15 when this happened, my mom always asked me to brush her hair after she had her shower.

This was average night watching Kate and Ali TV show I could see down my mom pj top my hand would always glide down the side of small best I could see her nipple was erect, losing myself in the TV I’d touch her and keep my hand pressed on her breast my mom new I was hard by the way we sat mom on the floor and me on the couch with my legs spread open mom’s back pressing on my cock.

That’s when we started to play wrestle my mom had me pined so fast mom straddled me my cock was bent a bit I needed to fix or a just it.

That’s when my mom lifted up her small nice ass so I could reach down my pants straighten out my 7′ hard cock, now my cock was lined up with her tight hairy pussy.

I pressed my cock on my mom pussy.

Mom started to rock on it making it a part of our game.

There’s more if you would like to hear



  1. Sounds like a very close loving relationship. Hope you still care for each other in such a sharing way.

  2. You are 60 and this happened when you were 15, so 45 years ago. That would be 1974. Kate and Allie didn’t air until at least 10 years later. I call bullshit.

  3. Whenever my mom got drunk she would tell me how much I’m like my father. My parents have been divorced for a long time, anyway she would tell me how much she loves me and misses me and then she would french kiss me and tell me to make love to her. At first it freaked me out until I realized she really thought I was Dad. So late one night she did it again and that’s the first time I ever had sex in my life even though it was with my drunk mother I got to experience sex for the first time

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