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I liked to watch my mother shower and masturbate.

I liked to watch my mother shower and masturbate. I would always finish while she washed her breast, then one day I was late, when I got to the bathroom, mom was done washing her breast and moved her hands down. Then she put a foot on the side of tub and I saw it….

I was blamed even though I didn’t do anything

Today like usual I was blamed. I was blamed even though I didn’t do anything. All I said was I will ask him to come and if he wants then he will come but you said all I do is cause trouble and I will create a new problem and argument. Why? Why do you…

I was the second choice

I have always been the chosen one, but I was always second choice for them. I was my first love’s second choice, because he couldn’t be with his love. I was the second choice for another guy I loved, because the girl of his dreams had no feelings for him. I was the second choice of…

How to confront my father about an affair

Hi! I’m having a mixed feeling and kind of down and stressed out right now because I don’t have anyone to share my feelings with. Recently I found out that my father might have an affair and I was kind of sad though. The main problem is that I don’t know how to clarify this…

I think I’ve got herpes

This is a story about my sad sad life. I guess it really all started when I met my ex-boyfriend. He was the first guy to really catch my attention in a way it hadn’t been caught before. He was that high school sweet heart for me that only I wanted. I disobeyed my parents…

My mother and I never really got along

Hi there. I’m seventeen years old and I have constantly been told that sharing your experience can you cope with certain difficulties in your life, so I’m going to tell you about mine. I guess I should start at square one. My mother and I never really got along, our relationship was rocky at the…

Seeing blood on a floor, seeing a knife on the table

Even have the slightest little bit of light. Sending a message to the public, they never take a hint. No light, no light. I guess I’ll end up making my own, strengthen my own body and mind to help the world around me since mother told me to love myself and never put myself down….

Not all of it is skin deep

Earliest memory I have is not playing with friends or trying assist barbie in her dress but my parents screaming about how they wrecked each others lives. “Never asked for this” or “Just go fuck yourself”. There were days we were locked out by my mother or taken by children services, only to return a…

Old boys club rules

Old boys club rules. Don’t say it out loud that we like to rape girls. Just wink at him and laugh at her. If she says it out loud then grab her by the reputation. And choke her to death.